Getting it Done: How to Have a Successful Homeschool

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Getting it Done: How to Have a Successful Homeschool
Getting it Done: How to Have a Successful Homeschool
Getting it Done: How to Have a Successful Homeschool
Getting it Done: How to Have a Successful Homeschool

Homeschool moms have one of the hardest jobs on the planet. Our jobs are one that is TRULY 24/7. We wear the hat of mom, wife, teacher, nurse, housekeeper, chef, taxi driver and so much more.

We want to do our jobs successfully. We want our kids to leave our homes educated, and ready to go out and do amazing things. Our heart's desire is to have successful homeschool days. But the reality? It is oftentimes chaos.

 How do your days start?

I remember years ago, my days started with tears. I remember one day I came out of my room after working and my kitchen was an absolute disaster. There was nothing to eat. None of the kids were dressed or ready for school. I stumbled through breakfast and sat down to get started on our school day. Only to realize I hadn’t prepared anything the night before.

I sent the kids off to watch tv while I prepared. I gathered up some things and called the kids back to the table. As we set out to start on a project, my husband called. And we have to answer the phone right, submission?

I answered, and while I was on the phone I lost the boy. The girls began fidgeting, and one ran outside when the dog barked. I hung up the phone, gathered the kids BACK to the table and began to read. We got through morning time (because everyone needs morning time and prayer) and I sent the girls off to do math. One girl comes in and can’t find her Teaching Textbooks CD. The other comes in and realizes she has a project today. Guess what she needs? Elbow macaroni. Guess what we don’t have? Elbow Macaroni.

Before I know it lunch time is here and we haven’t accomplished anything.

Have you ever had a day like this?

Days that end like you feeling like a failure.

Days, where your husband comes homes and you, run out the door.

Dinner is cereal, and lunch never really happened.

The books were never opened.

You wondered if Aldi's counts as a school day.

Is this what you want your homeschool to look like? Or do you want more?

You see, I was you. I spent a year homeschooling out of negligence. I have failed at homeschooling. I have been a frumpy mom and wondered if I was really cut out to be a homeschool mom. But then, I found out that it is possible to have a successful homeschool. I have fallen in love with homeschooling again, and you can too.  What do you want out of homeschooling?

More peaceful days…

I can tell you how to get them! Start your day with joy. Organization. And kids who are ready to get roaring (okay, most of the time, let’s face it NO kids are ready for school EVERYDAY!) But, after this course, you and your kids will start the day off on the right foot. I guarantee it!

Days that start on time…

How often has the clock sailed right past your homeschool start time while you and the kids were still in your pajamas? Begin your days ON TIME by breaking the public school mentality and finding the right time to start the school day for you and your family.

A smooth and easy homeschool routine…

One thing that makes our homeschool run more successfully is a standard homeschool routine. Anyone can come up with one and by the end of the course, you will have one that is just right for your homeschool.

How to make sure school happens...

And how NOT to stay in your pajamas watching Netflix all day and calling it school.... Yes, consistency is an important part of successful homeschooling and I share HOW you can make that happen.

How to homeschool all those kids...

Because let's face it once you have more than one the odds are against you right? They don't have to be. I show how to encourage your kids to learn independently, I lay out step by step, how I do my homeschool planning (hint, it's SUPER EASY), and what tools you can use for your littles that will free you up to homeschool your big kids.

How to organize your homeschool...

Homeschool organization is essential to homeschool success. I share real organization tips that work in our homeschool. These tips can be implemented immediately and are sure to make your homeschool run more smoothly. After this course you will no longer have to worry about how to have time to get the projects in, or whether or not you even have the items needed to do school. Instead, you will learn how to have time to get those teacher tasks marked off of your to-do list, and STILL enjoy your kids!

What to do when it all falls apart...

Whether you want it to or not, life happens, and homeschooling is hard. But, when that perfect plan falls apart, you don't have to lose your joy. I show you how to pick up the pieces, give yourself grace, and get back to successful homeschooling.

By the end of this course, you will know exactly how to get it done, and have a successful homeschool!

Topics covered in this course:

Section 1: Let's Plan Your Homeschool Day

  • Introduction
  • What Time Should I Start My Homeschool Day?
  • How Long Should My Homeschool Day Be?
  • What Subjects Should I Teach?

Section 2: Finding and Creating a Homeschool Routine That Works for You

  • Homeschool Planning Made Simple
  • Create Your Homeschool Routine
  • Put Your Routine into Action

Section 3: How do I Homeschool All These Kids? 

  • How to Keep the Littles Busy
  • How to Teach Multiple Ages
  • Circle or Morning Time Ideas
  • How to Encourage Independent Learning
  • No More Nap Time? This can save your homeschool!

Section 4: Homeschooling is Your Job~Act Like It!

  • Ditch the Frumpy Mom
  • How to Organize Your Homeschool
  • How to Get the Teacher Stuff Done
  • How to Be More Consistent in Homeschooling

Section 5: You Have a Successful Homeschool, Now What?

  • What to do When it All Falls Apart
  • Now, Head out and Have a More Joyful Homeschool!

What does the course include? 

      • Printable worksheets
      • Planning sheets
      • Audio for each lecture
      • Video
      • All 3 Super Simple Homeschool Planners ( over a $10 value!)
      • Email support and encouragement (a $20 value!)
      • Powerpoint slides
      • Assignment cheat sheet to help you along the way

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